Gold Rush Trail Ride

IQHA- Gold Rush Competition


This is a competition to test a number of skill with the rider and the fitness of the horse. It is essentially based on orienteering principles. The competitors are given a map, which is marked with a number of checkpoints The more difficult or further away the checkpoint the more points there are for that checkpoint. There is a set amount time allocated to find all checkpoints and return to base.  It maybe that one checkpoint is mandatory and all others are optional.

The rider has to decide a plan how he might get to the maximum number of checkpoints with the highest value and back to base in the time allowed. This involves basic map reading to plan a route. Checkpoints can be ridden in any order the rider sees fit.  So the rider needs to establish how fast he / she might ride over what distance. They also have to decide if their horse’s fitness is capable of the route they have planned

Coming Soon Award Recognition Scheme (ARS)

 Putting the "F" word back into our equine activities... FUN!!! In the next short period we plan to introduce a scheme that will reward members for the hours they spend working with their horse either in the arena trail riding or just pleasure. You just log the time you spend with your horse or any horse, so you don't have to own a horse to participate. But you do need to be a member.