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Alice is a level 2 IQHA instructor based in the heartland of Ireland. Alice is usually found at IQHA ran Clinics and Seminars teaching and assisting. Alice has a great rapport with the youth and loves to help them develop their confidence and skills in both mainstream and Western Inspired Horsemanship.


Alice started out in her horse world at a young age. She has been around horses most of her life. After an unfortunate fall Cross country Alice lost most of her confidence but was then introduced to Western Inspired Horsemanship and Riding. Ever since Alice has gained back her Confidence in the saddle and on the ground. Alice has a great passion for Groundwork and the working on the foundations of good groundwork.


Alice is a firm believer that even if your horses cannot be ridden or you yourself cannot ride that there is always a purpose. "Giving every horse a purpose ridden or not" is a motto she swears by. As Alice herself was a nervous rider she has great patience for all levels of riders and non-riders. Alice believes that you should never let the past define you in your future.


Alice is based in Co. Offaly but is happy to travel to you to offer groundwork/riding lessons. If you would like to contact Alice, you can contact her through her email:

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