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The Participant Outreach Educational Program
aims to increase participate with horses with an emphasis on Western Inspired Horsemanship and Equitation. 

Participation Outreach Educational Program

The P.O.E.P  program is partly funded by HSI through the Sport Ireland Participation Grant. Gratefully received. 


Participation Outreach Educational Program is a 1/2 day educational introduction to western inspired training, Featuring working in a Round Pen. Ground Work and then into equitation. It is suitable for all levels. It is completely FREE for spectators and those who want to participate. You do not need to be a member. It is perfect for people who would like to re-engage and of course those interested in getting involved with horses...

Free POEP Clinic Dates

Please note that clinic dates and venues may be subject to change. Please follow our
Facebook page to stay up to date. 

Download a Copy of the P.O.E.P Brochure

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